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Thursday, September 16, 2004


The Curse of xj

Weather's overcast today so the beach is no fun. So I came into the internet cafe* to rewrite some of my Orgulous Business School Project and read a couple blogs.

And what do I find? Belle de Jour is shutting down her blog. It's amazing. No sooner do I set up this blog with a link to Steve den Beste than he shuts down his blog, and now Belle is shutting hers down too... Come to think of it, back in 2000 I set up a link on my website (as it was then) to Anarchista of blessed memory, and within a couple of weeks she shut her site down...

Now the Curse of xj has claimed another victim. Maybe I'd better delete my entire roll before I take down the entire Blogsphere...

*Internet cafes in Rio do not serve coffee. Go figure.

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