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Saturday, December 25, 2004


Dive Bunny

I'm glad that I did that scuba tune-up. Yesterday I ran into one of those low-air situations that the exercises teach you how to deal with. I think there may have been a leak somewhere in my scuba suit: I blame giant clams, of course. It's really no big deal: just grab the nearest diver, stick his alternate air source in your mouth and swim back to the surface. Other than that, the two dives I did yesterday were great. Breathing thirty feet underwater is pretty neat. And the fish are nice. (Except for those tiny blue fish that take little bites out of you).

The voyage to and from the dive site was pretty good as well, and by that I mean the sea was in fine, stormy form, and the boat pitched and yawed like an acquatic bronco. I never get seasick, so I enjoyed the ride.

Sadly, the stormy sea was the precursor of a genuine tropical storm that brutally struck the island just as we came into port. I've never been in a tropical storm before and, frankly, once is too much. I can't stand rain and snow and all the shit that falls out of the sky. (This is another of the many, many reasons why LA is my dream city: it rains about once every thousand years and if you want water, just steal it from the next county....) Well, mae pen rai.

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