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Monday, December 27, 2004


Dodged a bullet

To think I almost went to Phuket again this time. And I dare say I'd have gone back to Patong as well, on the west of the island, just where the hammer fell.

People I know may have died. I guess the hotel I stayed at will not have been hit; it was at least ten minutes walk from the beach. But they say that a hundred scuba divers are missing. Let's hope none of the folks from DiveAsia were among them.

It feels a little like 9/11 again. (That could have been me, too. If my life had worked the way it was supposed to, if I hadn't been stabbed in the back in my first job at Whitehall Trust currency trading, I could well have been there at Ground Zero).

I was planning on blogging about jetbikes but under the circumstances it would fantastically tasteless. This evening I fly back to LHR (with a six hour stop-off in Bahrein: could be worse, could be Tegel or, god help us, Dublin) so there may be no posts for a while.

Update: Looks like they all made it.

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