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Saturday, December 18, 2004


Worst. Quarter. Ever.

There have been no postings to Chasing Waterfalls for the last three months, and this is because,

like my momma always told me
ranaranaranaranandcodeineandgoddamit you little mother fucker
if you ain't got nothing nice to say then don't say nothing

The past three months for me were slow death by karoshi: tough courses and Orgulous Projects from business school joined forces with more than usually frenzied drudgery in my day job until I felt like Neo fighting the Agent Smiths in The Matrix: Crap Sequel #1. Thank god it's all over. I am now sitting on Thanon Khao San in Bangkok, where I have gone for ten days' desperately-needed R&R.

(Yes, it means I will miss Christmas. Actually, I will not miss Christmas in an emotional sense. Christmas is all about cold weather, shopping, family life and mawkish music. Christmas is a long list of shit I can't stand. In any case the Thais have at least as much "christmassy" muzak and tchotchkes as the Brits. The Thais are such a bunch of Anglosphere wannabes).

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