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Saturday, February 05, 2005


The Sucky Jobs I Have Had, Part IV

Morgan Stanley
Actually, this didn't suck. I'm proud to have worked there (which is why I'm using the real name of the firm, rather than a thinly disguished nom de clef like all the other Sucky Employers).

There were only two problems with Stanley.

One, in order to get a well-paid job you pretty much had to join the Marine Corps. Pretty much all the directors were Marines. (And the Corps wouldn't have an unorganised grab-astic piece of amphibioid shit like me, I'm sorry to say).

And the other problem was that I had to sit next to the Secretary From Hell who had some kind of compulsive disorder that meant she had to spend hours on the phone describing every single facet of her, and her children's, and her extended family's, life. Imagine the Daily Bleat without the humour, without the satire, with Gnat replaced by two fantastically stupid and banal brats, and two hours long. Every day. Right next to your ear. Loud.

Other than that, it was a good place to work.

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