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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


The Sucky Jobs I Have Had: Pause For Thought

So, let's summarize. My "career" in the 1990s sucked because of the following factors:

-Obnoxious coworkers and managers;
-Being forced to perform various degrading and useless errands;
-Acerebral copying of data from one medium to another;
-Dysfunctional organisations;
-Routes to career advancement blocked;
-Being forced to listen to endless tsunami of drivel from ditzes at neighboring desks;
-Unrealistic deadlines forcing me to work like a coked-up beaver to meet them;
-Utter, senseless futility.

My "professional" life in the 1990s had only one redeeming feature: the fact that I did not have to endure all of these torments at the same time. In my darkest hours-

(And there were some profoundly dark ones. I believe I was clinically depressed throughout my first year at Angus Ogg and my entire time at Changi. I was certainly sullen, listless, self-pitying and generally bad company)-

In my darkest hours I could still console myself with the thought that Things Could Be Worse.

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