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Monday, March 28, 2005


First Impressions of New York

-Queens is no prettier than its reputation. It reminds me a little of Glasgow, and that's no good thing.
-Manhattan OTOH is breathtaking. I ended up staying in Murray Hill, which is up next to the UN (I'm not a twelve-year-old Congolese girl so I guess it's a safe neighbourhood for me). It's actually quite quiet, at least on Sunday evening it is. The hotel I originally booked into was up on W 103rd, which they referred to as "the Upper West Side" and everyone else in the universe refers to as "Morningside Heights", at any rate a few blocks south of Columbia U. This hotel was a third the price of the one I'm staying in. After booking I checked the place out on tripadvisor.com, and discovered there were a number of reasons the 103rd St hotel was so cheap. They weren't good reasons. (The hotel market in NY seems depressingly efficient). So I switched.
-Kirsty MacColl (?) was right: the wind _does_ go right through you. I may have to buy a scarf.
-Almost impossible to find internet cafes in this city, it seems. I'm writing this from a Kinko's on 34th and (I think) Madison, and paying through the nose for the privilege. _And_ my business school email doesn't work, (as usual)...

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