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Monday, March 28, 2005


Westward, Ho!, or, Blog, Interrupted

I really don't know what's happened to this blog. (Well, actually I do. I've been so debiliated and preoccupied that I haven't got my head around posting for a while). The point is that lately I have gone for months without a single post, only to pop up every so often with a colossal screed about how miserable my life is, a sort of Deject!Deject!Deject! as it were. The most recent posts have been a series of Sucky Jobs I Have Had, and not to spoil the surprise ending, but I am building up to a gargantuan monster of a final post in that series...

...which I am going to interrupt for the reason that I have gone to New York for the week, and I want to record my impressions as and when I'm impressed. (When I eventually get around to the Final Sucky Job, then I'll row back a copy to before this post to maintain the continuity of the series).

The main reason for this trip to NY is what we finance geeks call Due Diligence. At the moment it seems quite likely that I'll spend a few years living here (that's the plan, anyway) so I figured I should check the place out; it would be madness to move to a city and then realize you hate it (the way I did with London - though to be fair, London wasn't so bad the first few years. It was only when I started to travel and actually see some other places that I realised how much London sucks).

What do I expect of NY? Well, I know that in many ways this is not really an American city, more like a Zeropean one that just ended up on the wrong side of the Atlantic. Still, I'm hoping that I will find the Big Apple more congenial than la cita dolente that I've toughed out for the last ten years. We'll see.

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