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Tuesday, September 06, 2005


A Confederacy of Duxes

Maybe New Orleans isn't dead yet:

ITEM: "When wolves attack their settlement", Ayn Rand said, "animals perish; men write the Constitution". Close enough.

Indulge me for a moment by considering this glorious feat. The streets are deluged by floods of foul water, law and order has collapsed, the cops are behaving like the Crips (with notable, honorable exceptions) - and out of this Hobbesian state of nature these people have created not merely order, the basis of peace, but division of labor, the basis of profit.

And What Is More: they are still serving beer, the basis of civilization!

Heck, they even took time out to party!

Gentleman, raise your glasses, and ladies, raise.... your glasses too, as I'm all out of beads ;-) I give you The Big Easy!

Note on title: "Dux" is the term used in Scottish schools for the highest-ranked student in a class; it is therefore the opposite of "dunce" and, since it also is Latin for "leader", has better connotations than "valedictorian". The whole thing of course is a pun on this.

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