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Sunday, October 09, 2005


o fortunatum natum...

Thirty years ago today*, Professor Volokh and his family arrived in the US.

Thirty-one years ago, xj arrived in this world.

I'm more honoured than I can express to share an anniversary with the pre-eminent legal scholar of the blogosphere. Eugene Volokh is no doubt fortunate to be an American, but America is no less fortunate to claim him as an adopted son. (And I believe he made a wise choice, whatever his commentator Rhadamanthus may say. BTW Rhadamanthus: classical scholars will associate this name with a person who knew the law inside and out, but ended up spending eternity in hell. As such, it is the perfect "screen name" for a Volokh Conspiracy commentator who prefers England to America...)

Nasdrovyeh, y bolshoyeh spasebo, Gospodin Volokh!

*I mean October 8th; which is what the date was when I started writing this. There's a famous saying to the effect that "writing is easy: you just sit down and stare at the screen until drops of blood form on your forehead". True, too true...

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