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Monday, November 21, 2005


Duncewatch III: Further Duncewatch

I've decided that Duncewatch was too good a concept to limit to the aftermath of Katrina. Natural disasters come and go, but blasting on fools never goes out of season.

The particular fool that I am now pointing my blogospheric Gat towards is that most despised creature of the cyberspace bestiary, the Troll. I'm talking about a sorry excuse for a blogger that has been posting the same extraordinarily boring piece of spam on all the blogs I look at. This same "proctology project" used to spray his scent all over Samizdata, before he was banned for being an obnoxious troll, and was shameless enough to then sneak back under another name and post more drivel (since he was stupid, or arrogant, enough to attach his URL to his post, the imposture was rapidly detected).

This unpreposessing digital spirochete generally uses the name Victorino de la Vega, and styles himself either "Doctor" or "Professor", seemingly at random; the academic chair to which arrogates a claim is at "Amaurot Heights, Oklahoma, United States Minor Outlying Islands". (Mr de la Vega's grasp of geography is evidently no more advanced than his understanding of common courtesy, although his inept allusion to More's Utopia, whilst somewhat sophomoric, has a certain touching naivete that suggests the possibility that there is a human being buried under the accumulated encrustations of reflexively paranoid ranting that are de la Vega's most prominent feature. But you couldn't prove it from his lame-ass comment spams).

No: if ever there was a blogroach, it's Victorino de la Vega. His user profile boasts of the "free advice on ethical issues" available at his blog; my advice to (Professor/ Doctor/ Monsignor/ Rear-Admiral/ Eagle Scout/ Sturmbahnfuehrer/ Whatever) de la Vega is that the next time he feels tempted to spew his ill-digested delusions over the entire blogsphere, he would do better to treat himself to a nice cup of Shut The Fuck Up.

Victorino - your comments are stupid; you stupidly post them to the comments facilities of every blog that hasn't yet banned you... Victorino: you're a Dunce.

(I see from his Blogger profile that his favorite books include something called The Mechanical Bride. It's the only way he'll ever stand a chance...)

Yeah, "victorino de la vega" is an asshole.
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