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Thursday, November 03, 2005


"Number One Fella B'long Missus Queen" Considered As A Clueless Twit

So, the big-eared hippy who's heir to what's left of the British throne is taking a little vacation in the US. As I said over on the bootylicious Sondra's blog, Prince Charles is:

The worst embarrassment to Britain’s royal family since George III tried to abdicate in favour of his pet dachsund. Charlie boy is of course named after the only British monarch to be officially put to death, and shows even less overall ability than his namesake. He is what an economist would call a “perfect negative indicator”: guaranteed to be wrong on every conceivable subject.

Recently he has said that he will be more appreciated after he is dead. I for one will not feel appreciation when Charles dies. I will feel relief.

Charles' visit to the US (in the company of his horse^H^H^H^H^H lovely 2nd wife) was discussed over on Samizdata. The following was going to be a post there, but it grew too big (on the 1000-word-post-is-refuge-of-sociopath principle):

I'd say the problem with the British political scene is not that "liberals"are giving excessive leeway to Islam; it is that all politicians are giving excessive leeway to what us Scots would refer to as "wee chancers".

Since [a commentator] mentioned Islam, let's consider two possible targets for a zealous follower of that religion. One: a large corporation that engages in the business of gambling (which activity BTW is expressly forbidden in the Koran) and which dares to use the name of the sacredest of Islamic holy cities - Mecca. Two: employees of a city council who display toy pigs on their desks.

It would seem to me that the first case is far, far more offensive to an overly-sensitive Moslem than the second; conflating the name of the Holiest City with a forbidden sin cannot be anything but offensive, whereas the display of an "unclean" animal is, at worst, icky. (And Michael Totten bears witness that even a majority-Moslem country need not be a porcophobic country. HT Pejman's new site for the Totten link.) Nevertheless, one of these two potentially-Moslem-distressing organisations has been bullied into dhimmi-esque submission, and I'll give you a clue: it's not the gambling business.

How interesting that the much, much less offensive display of Piglets should be suppressed when the much, much more offensive Mecca Bingo is free to flaunt its kuffir shamelessness. I dare say that wee chancers find a big, rich powerful corporation a more formidable target than an effete city council staffed by eunuchs. After all, the modus operandi of a wee chancer has not changed materially since the days of the most successful wee chancer of all time: "Poke out a bayonet! If it meets steel, pull back! If it meets mush, poke harder!"

I believe us decent people of all colours, creeds and other distinguishing features owe it to the several wee chancers of the world to always provide steel for their bayonets. It's the only way the wee chancers will learn.

sweet rant. touche... keep up the good work. : )
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