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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Utterly, Utterly Shocking

This is simply amazing. It's a piece explaining in some detail just what a lying hypocritical sack of shit Michael Moore is.

Which is hardly a sensational revelation, since everyone already knew that Michael Moore is a lying hypocritical sack of shit. No, the really flabbergasting bit of information in this article is hidden away in the first sentence of the second graf:

Michael Moore, apparently, has a wife.

Think about that, folks. Here we have a man so morbidly obese that he generates his own weather systems; a man so vile that he will score cheap debating points off a victim of Alzheimer's disease and then gloat about it in a movie; a man who has poisoned the wellsprings of public discourse with wingnut conspiracy theories, whose dishonesty exceeds in corruption the worst excesses of the Soviet propaganda machine.... this is a man who represents the absolute rock-bottom of human degradation and depravity. And some poor woman was prepared to get hitched to this creature?

As the novelist Anthony Powell once observed: "Women may show some discrimination about who they sleep with, but they'll marry anyone."

(H/T Eric Scheie).

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