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Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Bringing the Nobel Peace Prize Into Repute

Via Shay at Dean's World comes the shocking news that once again, somebody has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize who has actually done something to promote the cause of peace.

The Nobel Peace Prize has traditionally been awarded to people who start or escalate wars, or otherwise oppose the enforcement of peace, with mass murderers being also highly thought of. (Hello down there, Tookie: hot enough for you?) But standards have been slipping of late: first Rudy Rummel, and now Ayaan Hirsi Alli, have been nominated!

Chasing Waterfalls believes that this is a very disturbing trend in international relations. The Alli nomination strikes at the heart of everything that the Nobel Peace Prize has come to represent. (It's as though the Literature Prize had been inexplicably given to someone who wasn't crazed with a murderous hate towards the US, on some spurious and nonsensical grounds such as talent.) After this unprecedented nomination of not one but two decent, courageous, sane and entirely admirable people, there is only one way that the Nobel Committee can regain their erstwhile position in world esteem: give the Nobel Peace Prize to the president of Iran.

You read it here first....

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