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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


The Hell With The Little Bastards

Bill Hicks used to inveigle against restaurants that banned smoking but allowed children. ("BECAUSE OF THE HYPOCRISY!")

Here's more
in that vein from a commentator on Chicagoboyz who wasn't prepared to sign his/ her name to one of the more cutting analogies I've ever seen on a blog.

Personally, I want the government to subsidise my gym membership. What? Society gets a benefit from me being fit. I'm less likely to suffer from heart problems, which means not only will I not be a drain on the healthcare system, but I'll likely stay economically productive much longer than the unfit. Why, if nobody went to the gym we'd all be a bunch of lard-assed parasites, and nobody would ever get anything done. Society would collapse. If you think about it, I'm actually subsidising the rest of you idle layabouts! Seventy pounds a month is a small price to pay!

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